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Imminent Starvation Update and Info. . .

From the Darkmatter mailing list:

"Due to the original meat locker location actually becoming a meat locker there has been a change of location so please notice the change and do not go to the original location! The good news is that this location is near downtown and is far better and not as hot as the last one so I know you all will like it. Here is the address and call for directions on the day of the event, feel free to ask me any questions. See you there and feel free to forward this to those who are interested.



2206 Beverly blvd.
Los Angeles, ca 90057 (entrance to the building is in the alley/back of the
building) park on beverly as there is tons of parking there."

I will be rolling out of Las Vegas at about 2:00pm on Saturday. If anyone is going to be in LA for the show feel free to give me a call and we can hook up.


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