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Genetic Selection

For those of you whom teh ryhthmic noise appeals to, I have a new discovery for our listening enjoyment.

Genetic Selection

'orbital ground attack' is the proof that it isn't always necessary to re-invent the wheel. the album's experience is made up of 10 merciless, powerful four-to-the-floor tracks with dominating rhythms, melodic synth layers and economically placed samples - nothing more, nothing less. if you're looking for references: tracks like 'sacrifice' and 'nemesis' seem to hint that g.s. admires a distorted dj's recent work; on 'the day after' and 'prepare for contact' there are slight similarities to ... so what ? the difference between g.s.'s music and these (possible) reference points is the harshness of the rhythm itself (without the over usage of distortion). another g.s. trademark is the mounting tension within a track - all done by utilizing rhythmical variations. 'orbital ground attack' can be described as 'contemporary rhythmic industrial'. in addition, this young artist isn't afraid of contemplating and processing the influences of other musical genres.


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