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New Toys and Possible new job. . .

Today I bit the bullet and replaced my busted ass Cannon Powershot A40. . . with a brand spankin new Cannon Powershot SD300 with a 1GB SD Flash Card. It's so sexy I can't stop playing with it. Can't wait to snap some photos of Michelle. . . no more waiting for film to be deveolped YAY.

Also I applied for the SSR2 Position that has come available in my dept. Which means I would go directly from being a Temp SSR1 making $11.00 an hour to somewhere in the $40-50K/year range which would resolve my financial issues and allow me to get a place of my own, which would kick so much ass there would not be words for it.

Even better, I know a guy here who is a SSR2 and he sent me a study buddy for the O.A.S.I.S. Software so that I will be able to make a really good impression when and if I have the interview. Being as the Boss of the Dept seems to really like me and encouraged me to apply for the position, there's a reasonable chance I will get to have the interview.

**crossing all applicable appendages**