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I am so fucked. . .

I woke up this morning, checked my bank account and noticed a 119.82 transaction that I couldnt identify from my records and that my account was at 8.00.  Interesting I though. So I called the bank, checked for my checkbook (which I can't find) thinking that someone had gotten a hold of my checkbook and had a little party.  Well it's worse than that. Apparently, the state of NY with a court ordered judgement, thinks its allowed to take money directly out of my checking account towards the remaining $3,000 in back child support i owe (all interest on the $11k I initially owed and have paid off) I recieved a letter a few weeks ago, which stated the judgement I had against me for the 11K was satisfied. This is fucking me severly.

The bank says there is a 10 Day period in which I can dispute the transaction and they are sending me a packet of information on how to do this. But that still leave my pending transactions from last night, which are going to hit sometime in the next day or two. Well before I get paid again.


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