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Singularity Threshold Reached, now an orbiting binary pair.

Well it's official, I have a girlfriend. ooagentuglyoo rocks and we click so very well on so many levels, there is a little friendly headbutting, and some dominance issues, I'm glad she doesnt bring that portion of her professional life home with her. Although, whiskey is something I need to keep her away from when we go clubbing.

Las night was interesting overall. Went to the club, celebrated Jim's Birthday, saw "Mindless Faith" play live, which was actually a very good show and I was impressed with their music and presentation. Danced a bit, everything was going smoothly after the Jaeger Bomb, the double shot of whiskey and the two Newcastles, until she went to the bathroom and someone she doesn't particularly care for decided to pound of the door of the bathroom less than a minute after she went in. Boy she has a temper, and I love it about her, she SAYS WHAT'S ON HER MIND!. Trying to deflect the rage away from open conflict is always interesting, especially if you both have dominant personalities. We took Jim's drunk ass home, 5 shots of Jaeger in under an hour with various other drinks on an empty stomach after drinking PBR for the preceding 3 hours will do that to you.

Then we went to Blueberry Hill and had dinner. Then drove to one of the pioneer graveyards to check it out. Had a great night and ended up back at her place, My 4 month fast was been broken, and it was amazing.

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