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Blah Blah Blah. . .

Need to work on two demo's mix cd's today, I have to give a promoter one tonight after I get off work. But, have to wait until after 5:00pm to start. once 5:00pm hits the laptop comes out and although I can't do the physical recording with Tracktor Dj Studio on the clock (as I cannot be sure I will ever have 1 hr of solid time without a call coming in) I can at least get the tracklisting done, and cheat by doing a quick mix up in CD Architect.

In other news Sacrilige was good last night, met a very interesting girl, added her to my lj, don't think she know's yet. Interesting banter was had, much dancing and conversation involving social dynamics was not sure how much of it was just drunken rambling on her part in between the two sided verbal one upmanship and mild sexual inuendo being tossed around. It will be interesting to talk with her again.

It was good to see Ted again, welcome home. [mild jealousy] It looked like his night was more eventful and entertaining than mine ;). [/mild jealousy] ;) lucky bastard.

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