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Web Design Business Questions. . .

My dad has lined me up several potential web page design contracts with realtors he knows.  He has given them the figure of $500.00 each for  a personal page with contract info. The broker who runs his real estate office wants a general page Office Page as well, that the individual agent's who want pages (@$500 each) in the office can be linked to and from I am thinking that $750.00 for the company site seems pretty fair. Need to talk with the owner and find out what exactly he wants

I'm fairly sure some of you out there have done this kind of a thing as a business before and I'm looking for a little advice.

My Questions are:

What is a fair rate for monthly maintenance and upkeep on the site?

Does $500 for a personal site outlining the realtors experience and history with a contact info page seem to be a fair?

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