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Lividly Pissed. . .

Why is it that I get to be the customer who has the awful experience with the company that is rated the best host on the web.

It all started saturday, I signed up on their website for domain hosing, picked the 6.95/month option, picked my domain name, saw that the setup fee was waived and clicked submit ready for my credit card to be charged about 15.00.  The next screen pops up stating that they are charging me 166.00.

I immediately fired off the following e-mail. . .

To whom it may concern:

I need to cancel the order I made for a domain and web hosting, I was
not presented with a total before processing the $166.80 on my Visa
Ending XXXX and had assumed that it was a contract with a monthly
deduction from my Visa Card.

I currently do not have that amount available on my card. I apologize
for any inconvienience this may cause, and do wish to register the


Joshua Franklin
6359 W Washington Ave

I recieved the following e-mail back. . .

Dear Customer,

We apologize for the misunderstanding.  Our web hosting packages, like all others, are all pre-paid.  This is only part of the reason why we are able to offer such a complete package to the public at such a low rate.  The advantage to prepaying is that you are only paying for the hosting fees and nothing more, and you only pay once.

We would like to offer you a special package however.  If you would like to test our services for a three month period before switching to an annual account, we will waive the set-up fee which would normally apply and reduce the monthly hosting fees to $7.95. Therefore, the total due at this time would be $23.85 plus a one time domain registration fee (registration good for one year) of $7.95, if applicable.  If you are interested please place your order online and follow up with a phone call to the billing department as the special offer is not available through our website. Otherwise you can expect a cancellation and refund, if applicable, in 15-30 business days. Thank you for your inquiry and your order.


888-511-4678 opt.3

So I called up the customer service dept, waited on hold for a half hour finally spoke to someone, got them to set the account up (or so I thought) and charge my credit cared 31.00 and change. They told me I would be recieving my confirmation e-mail within 24-48 hours letting me know my passwords and that everything is set, well, no e-mail the next day, or the day after, so I get home from work hop on line and log onto live chat to see what the status of the order is.

The Rep I chatted with states that noting had moved forward, but that the billing dept had authorized the account and it would be set up and I would receive the coinfirmation e-mail withing 2 hours.

FFWD next day (Monday Night) Stilll no e-mail so I log into chat. I get a rep who is completely disinterested in assisting me, she says she see's nothing wrong and the account is set up and I need to wait another 24 hours. I express my extreme displeasure, get the company line, but she obviously could care less.

Tonight, 12:30am, still no e-mail, so I get on chat and speak with my 3trd Chat rep. He is very apologetic, states that there is NO account set up and nor record of one. He says he will get it taken care of, and will be contacting Billing at 9:00am to see what information they have, and if they authorize it he will set the account up personally.  I hope they get this fucking fixed by tomorrow.

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