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Forced Enlightenment Time. . .

It's All One Huge Puppet Show: Everything in America is a huge puppet show designed to deceive you and rob you and control your mind. Every prominent person is on their payroll. Every big-time preacher is a corrupt Satanist with their snouts in their swill trough. Every major institution is part of the shadow government. Every TV talking head, and every important radio talk show host takes his orders straight from the CIA. Every newspaper and magazine is a propaganda mill owned and run by the international banking cartel - even the so-called anti-establishment ones. The NWO elites play both sides of the fence all the time. This concept is called 'mock opposition.' Here's why: The NWO elites know there will always be opposition to their scams, so they take over existing opposition groups by corrupting the leaders by paying them off with foundation money, and they also set up brand new fake opposition groups of their own. This way, when disaffected peasants join any opposition group, they are simply lead around in circles by false sheperds on the NWO payroll who make sure their deceived followers never do any serious damage to the NWO plans. The concept of mock opposition is brilliant because it assures TOTAL and PERMANENT control of ALL aspects of society. Remember the novel 1984? Dissident peasant Winston Smith joined an anti-establishment revolutionary group, which was actually an establishment front to entrap guys like him. By the way, Eric Blair who wrote the novel 1984 under the pen name 'George Orwell' was a NWO deep penetration agent who was on an NWO assigned mission when he fought for the anarchists in the Spanish Civil War.

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