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I got a job. . . :)

After spending $75.00 on my "Gaming Card" with the Clark County Gaming Board and getting digitally fingetprinted and added to the Nevada Database, I am the proud employee of Aristocrat Technologies, Nevada's second biggest electronic gaming company, and the largest electronic gaming company outside of the united states. I will be starting net wednesday and working between 2-10:30pm Wednesday through Saturday, I'll still be able to go out Dancing on Thursdays and have lots of fun.

The pay is only $11.00 per hour, but I talked with the guys who is the head of the dept, and the former head of Teir II and Teir II technical support for microsoft, he left when they started to outsorurce the work to India. He says, that if I get rolled over to full time, I become eligable to apply for their internal SSR II Position, which has a base pay of 40-50K a year. If I go for SSR III which will require an in depth knowldge of SQL then the range would be 70-100K /year. Plus as a SSR II or SSR III they would be shipping me around the world to service and install gaming machines in diffrent casino's.

I'm looking forward to it.

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