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Dinner Conversation. . .

Just had dinner wtih my Dad and his partner from when he was a Clark County Sherrif's Department Deputy. It was lots of fun, and my dad, and his partner who is a little right of Ghengis Kahn are at opposite ends of the spectrum. They just built a new $800K Home that is over 4400 square feet, and on a half acre of land. I'm still trying to figure out how someone who retired as a Lt, from the Sherrif's dept, and his wife who was a County Comission employee could afford the house, let alone the furnishing.

I got to hear all kinds of Vegas organized crime dirt from over the last 30 years, and found out that My Dad was the one who called the FBI about the Portland 7.  Turns out he was in the Beaverton Post Office a week or so after 9/11 shipping some birthday stuff to my brother who was in Japan. And the Lady from the PDX 7 came in, and was looking through the wanted posters. Then as he went out of the Post office he spotted her having an animated and heated discussion with an Arab guy in a car, she then went back into the post office, my dad followed her, and she was looking through the wanted posters again, as my dad put it, something DNLR (Did Not Look Right) so he waited for them to leave and got their licence plate info. Called an FBI agent who is the Daughter of a guy in their Church, let them know who he was, that he was an ex police officer, and that alough he was sure they were being inundated with all kinds of calls like this, he thought they should be aware of the situation and gave them the info, the FBI came in about 4 hours later, and removed the whole mounting board for the wanted posters and sent it in for processing, they arrested 6/7 people. Including a guy my dad formerly worked with out at Intel.

You may remeber him, as the guy all of intel came out in support of, and then three weeks later plea bargined himself down to a 10 year sentence.

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