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My Great Uncle's HP Pavillion stopped being able to access the Realty Multiple Listing Service website, would not download active X Controlls or allow me to start up Norton Anti-Virus to do a scan. I spent 2 hours there working on the box, restored the OS from the Factory Discs, but windows update would not initialize correctly hungup while registering the update to the update software. Spent two more hours calling calling HP and Microsoft. HP refered me to Microsoft. We dicked around and were able to get it to attempt to update the software again, microsoft got off the line and told me that if it hadnt completed the update, registration, and upgrade to SP2 within about 1/2 hour to let them know and they would see what the could do. 45 minutes later, still staring at a screen that says:

Registering: 100%. . . 

No changes, no additional downloads, nada, zilch. Assuming they e-mail me by tomorrow I get to schedule an appointment to have them call me at my uncles and see if we can't fix this little problem.  If they don't e-mail me, i get to call BACK with mty case number. At least I madwe $120.00 for this part and got an AMAZING steak dinner out of it. I should be able to get another 60-80 out of this no problem, and he wants me to come back once a month and perform general maintenance on his computer, things like, defrag it, run adaware. **shakes head**  Gotta love busy rich people



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Jan. 19th, 2005 11:20 am (UTC)
Not sure about the initial cause, but the hangup on Windows Update sounds like a patch issue I had awhile back with some updates installing improperly (even though they completed w/o error). Try running QFECheck.. it's sort of like a CRC checker for WU stuff. Has to run within a terminal, but it's helped out before.

The other option is to snag the actual exe for SP2, without going through Windows Update. I seem to recall having that issue awhile back; fucker just didn't want to load properly, so I had to get it off their developer's site. Try here. As I recall, the above file that's intended for multi-client installs is the same fucking thing as what WU dumps down the pipe. Do a google search on the filename and you'll find a ton of people using it on single machines without incident, despite MS's "warning" not to use it on a single computer (which defies logic, anyway).
Jan. 19th, 2005 12:46 pm (UTC)
I'll try QFE Check. I can't install the SP2 Exe until I have completed all of the SP1 Updates, and I don't know which updates are required, and windows update will not process any updates.

Jan. 19th, 2005 12:58 pm (UTC)
You could, alternately, also grab a binary of SP1.. dunno how far along you are with those updates, though. Good luck on it, either way; imo, XP is great sometimes, but still has some serious and mysterious teething issues. No consistency with 'em, either - some people never encounter an issue, others have one after another. QFECheck is great, though. I run it as a rule of thumb on any 2k or XP install, juuust in case something that looks like it's working isn't.
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