Tonight: Corridor 3 Returns Every 2nd & 4th Friday! w/ DSBP Recording artist WHORE performing live!

We welcome you back to Corridor 3 this Friday the 13th at Area 170 for...

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>>2 areas with professional sound and lighting
>>FREE entry before 11PM
>>$5.00 entry 11PM-close

$4 wells
$6 premium
$3 domestic
$4 import
$6 viagra's

+MORE to be announced! RSVP and support!!!
Psychidellic Rev

Two heartfelt recomendations

Repo Men - well done, cyberpunk to the hilt, pulls no punches and delivers on a great ending.

Well worth the watch.

The IT Crowd - must see TV for anyone working in IT, or in a company with an IT dept. Contains *MOST* of the cast of the Mighty Boosh at various points.

Extra points for Vince as Rudolph the Goth graveyard IT guy.
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Psychidellic Rev

Politically Active Android users. . .

Possibly the coolest app I have seen. . .

The features:

•Read the latest bills, laws, and see what bills were recently voted on.
•Find members of Congress by using your phone's location, a zipcode, a last name, or a state.
•Read tweets and watch videos from members' Twitter and YouTube accounts.
•Reply to a member of Congress on Twitter from within the app, using your own account.
•Read the latest news about them, using the Yahoo News API.
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